Using the finest industrial-strength pool chemicals and materials.

Matin Pools maintains your pool’s water clarity and sanitation while providing complete services year round.

Design & Planning

We offer a wide range of pools and finishes to suit your individual style, budget, house and garden.

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Build & Installation

We will explain all the option available to you, providing practical ideas tailored to suit your individual requirements .

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Repair & Renovation

We can repair external and internal finishes or upgrade and replace anything from liner to heating systems to give your pool a new lease of life.

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We offer standard swimming pool maintenance and valeting programs and also can tailor a package to suit your individual budget and requirements.

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Equipment & Chemicals

We offer a wide selection of chemicals and equipment from stock to enable you to maintain your pool and ensure the water is ready for swimming .

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Landscaping Services

We nationally recognized leader in providing full service sustainable landscape management, design, construction, and water management practices.

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Why Choose Us?

1. Committed to top service

We are constantly reviewing and refining the service we provide, and we always welcome feedback from our clients. For renovation projects, we will happily meet with you on site, discuss your requirements and ideas, develop and recommend comprehensive solutions for all situations – and follow up visits with full written quotes.

2. Competitive rates

We work hard to keep our costs reasonable, without compromising service or quality. Our long-standing industry-wide relationships mean that we can offer you some truly great deals from time to time, on pool equipment and even on renovations. With some pragmatic exceptions, we will always provide written or verbal quotes for any and all of our services. All quoting visits and documents are provided free of any charge.

3. Long-serving and mature staff members

We invest time and loyalty in our staff members, and we are repaid by them with loyalty, good work ethics, mindfulness and lengthy tenure of service. In the case of regular servicing (valets), we try hard to dedicate a particular staff member to your property so that you can get to know them and feel comfortable with them.

4. Old-fashioned ethics

We work hard to make sure you feel safe, respected, reassured and well-advised by experienced professionals. Our opinions and recommendations are always intended to be helpful and to assist you to make the optimum choice when it comes to your pool maintenance or renovations requirements. If, at any stage, you aren’t happy with any aspect of our service, we definitely want to hear from you – as soon as possible!

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